Quinoa Smoothie

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Quinoa is so versatile it even works in this smoothy for those with active lifestyles.  A blender and a few minutes are all you need for a smoothie that lives up to its name.

Cooked TruRoots Organic Quinoa and your favorite smoothie recipe. I like:
1 banana,
1 scoop of ‘attain shake’ by melaleuca
1/4 cup acai berry or blueberry
1 cup rice milk,
1 cup soy milk,
a piece of ginger cut into smaller pieces,
1 cup frozen berries (I like blueberries) and
any other fruit you have on hand

Cook quinoa as per instructions on bag. Add about 1 cup cooked quinoa, Add other ingredients of choice, experiment Use blender, shake it up well…delish

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