TruRoots Qookies

Inspired by tradition and using recipes perfected by artisanal bakers, TruRoots combines carefully-selected distinctive ingredients with our exclusive gluten-free flour blend to create decadent classics and adventurous flavors for all lifea��s special moments.

  • Gluten Free
  • Whole Grain
  • Sprouted

More Information

As our understanding of the nutritive value of spouted and whole grains grows, our baked confections are also evolving. It is high time that traditional cookies make this leap forward into the new era of healthy delights. That’s why we are happy to introduce Qookies.

Qookies are a leap forward in nutritive value without leaving your grandmother’s traditions behind. A� You and your children can now enjoy the comfort and delight of that rich tradition and leave only the guilt behind. So indulge, enjoy and smile.

Baked with organic sprouted and whole grain ingredients, these Qookies may look, smell and taste traditional a�� however they are anything but. Cookies just evolved.

Your special moments deserve Qookies